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I only downloaded this app while it was FREE to let you know they continually change their price on this app to get it to show up in apps like AppShopper and other price drop apps. Do NOT get this app UNLESS it's free. It will go free in a few days, as it keeps seeming to do. Again, do not pay money for this app. It's not worth it either.


App is terrible save your .99 I'll be requesting a refund

Nice start...but on the iPad..

I'm liking your app on my iPhone...but not so much on the iPad. When I open an image on the iPad it is "pinned" to the upper left portion of the screen...not centered like on the iPhone. Please fix this glitch and I'll add a star or to the rating.

Want 5 stars?

How about a choice of backgrounds such as black or clear like a mask not just white background. When I hear mask I think I can use the image on any background I choose! The white background does not let me do what I want to with my finished photo projects. After update 5-17-17 Thank you!!! This app is now perfect for my projects!! You guys are awesome and I will recommend this app to my friends! The update is absolutely great and thanks for reading my review! 5 STARS!!!!


great app I'm going to be using this for editing insta pics!

New update

The new update is awesome! Just what it needed

Trash !! I want a refund

They removed the camera option. Made it worse Even at 99 cents this app disappointed me. The pictures in the App Store are misleading. You can't do gradients it's no way close to the mask shown. you get simply a bunch of filters. No layers or transparency options

Decent Masking but needs ...

If this app had two additional capabilities, it would make it worth my time and money to use it. First - what it does: it walks the user through 3 steps to modify an image. First you pick an image or take a new one, then adjust its zoom and panned position. Second you pick an interesting mask that frames your image. Third you make image adjustments like Hue, Brightness, Prebuilt filters, rotation, etc.. this last step affects the entire image, including the mask. For example, if a prebuilt filter makes your image bluish, the bluish color also gets applied to the white mask that frames your image. Where it could improve: three suggestions here - first, allow the user to adjust the zoom and pan of the image AFTER picking the mask/frame. Two, the adjustments on the final stage should offer a toggle to either apply them to the whole image or just the image behind the mask/frame. Three, allow the user to import their own masks - perhaps even providing suggested masks from a website. Overall decent app, but there are some more versatile/advanced apps, like OVER, that can do the same thing as this app, provided the user has an understanding of layers and basic graphic development. Some people need a solid workflow, which is where apps like this do better than the more versatile apps.

Not great

The App Store promo images give you a different impression of the app. It's not obvious (if at all possible) to reposition your photo after the mask has been applied. The filter previews are nothing like the result when they are applied. It's an all around poor experience. I want my dollar back.

Horrible!!! Cannot chose photo!

The only photo I can chose is the last photo in my Photo Library. Fix this or I want a refund.

Nice little app, but needs improvements!

Can make creatively framed photos, but there is no option to custom 'position' your photo within their frames!! You have to guess with the photos cropping before selecting a frame. And no option to adjust it afterwards! Nice app.... but honestly not worth the $2.99 until they can enhance some features and maybe create some extras to play with..

Just what was needed

Artful Pro definitely fills a void that has existed in the area if swag for images. Thank you for making it so affordable and easy to use. ✌🏽

Does NOT work!!!

I would like my money back. App will not allow me to chose a picture from my album. Will only import the last photo from Photo Stream.

A little disappointed

This app has a decent amount of options but I was left a tad underwhelmed. Primarily by the fact that I thought the drawing feature mentioned in the description would be the ability to make broad paintbrush strokes to use and create custom frames based on how I drew the paint brush strokes. As it is, the drawing feature is the same, lackluster single line drawing that has zero personality or style in its execution. A less Ambiguous description and perhaps a demo video would provide better insight into what this app actually can do. All that being said, the filters are decent, the options are many, albeit pretty standard. Some of the frames are cool (such as the aforementioned brush stroke frames) but many, if not most, are pretty unspectacular and standard. Also, it would be nice to not be Limited to square image editing. I look forward to updates to include better stickers and more overlays. A good start, if not slightly disappointing.

I want my money back‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

This the crap don't work‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

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